Goshuin Japan

Through the bonfires from Okuribi of Obon,
we bid farewell to the deceased since ancient times.
As generations passed, many beautiful cultural heritage spots were created
as if they were the prayer of their loved ones to bid their long goodbye.

The act of praying is a comforting emotional support
for many.
It cultivates strength from each voice heard
from shrines and temples
that we cherish and live
through today.

Hence, “Goshuin Japan” project is created.
Opening the world to experience the beauty of the
Buddhist cultural heritage in Japan.
A space to
connect and create relationships for people
worship and those who appreciate its cultural impact.

From now onwards, we aim to support and preserve their voice
heard from generation to generation.


about ryuganji

Founded in 1616, Ryuganji Temple was built on the first and former residence of Edo Shogunate’s first astronomer, Shibu Kawaharumi. It is cherished by the local community as a Jodo Buddhist Temple in Kyoto. Mahayana Buddhism teaches that all people should join hands to foster personal tranquility, family security, and peace in society. Ryuganji Temple is endeared by many for dedicating unique ranges of experiences to any walks of life.

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goal our objectives

  1. 1: Maintenance and Upkeep of Cultural Heritage | Assist in maintenance and repair costs of shrines, temples, buildings, and any other cultural sites.
  2. 2: Support local shrines and temples | With the declining population and decreased interest, we want to create a safety net for smaller local cultural sites.
  3. 3: Preservation of the Cultural Heritage of Shrines and Temples | We want to keep passing on the cultural heritage cultivated from one generation to another. Through the support of Web3 technology, we expand and cultivate new and old relationships with cultural works of art.

ryuganji goshuin nft

Be a part of preserving the cultural heritage of Buddhism around Japan through the digitization of Goshuin stamps. Goshuin stamps are traditionally used as a handwritten proof of one’s worship, dedication, and connection with the Gods and Buddha in Buddhism.

By becoming a Goshuin Japan NFT Holder, you will receive exclusive benefits such as Exclusive Physical Goshuin stamps, entry into the lottery for exclusive events, and many more.

Ryuganji NFT

Limited 1500 Amount / 0.01 ETH

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how to purchase

Purchasing is Simple!
We accept Credit Card Payments

*Please make sure to create a wallet (MetaMask) in advance.

  • For Credit Card payments
  • For Ethereum (ETH) payments

For first-time buyers― a simple guide to
purchase NFT (Japanese) ―

If you are purchasing with a credit card
  1. Click ‘Purchase Here’.
    A pop-up screen for purchase will be displayed, so click “Purchase with credit card".

  2. Please confirm the price indicated on the sales page is correct and fill out all mandatory fields.
    After double-checking that all your entered details are correct, click "Proceed" This will take you to the Mint screen. Please stay on this screen until it changes to "Mint completed," confirming your purchase.

    *Make sure to use an Ethereum wallet that starts with the prefix 0x.
    *Eligible credit cards are: Visa, Mastercard, JCB, and AMEX.

If you are purchasing with ETH (Ethereum)
  1. Click ‘Purchase Here’.

  2. A pop-up screen for purchase will be displayed, so click "Purchase with ETH (Ethereum)".
    When the link with MetaMask is completed, the MINT button will appear.
    Click "MINT NFT", and you can purchase by selecting the required number from the dropdown menu.

benefit for nft holders

  1. 1. Receive Exclusive
    Physical Goshuin Stamp
    (In Progress)

    By visiting Ryuganji Temple and providing your NFT proof of purchase,
    you will be invited to a special room inside the temple.
    We will reward you with an Exclusive Physical Goshuin Japan Stamp.*
    *An additional fee will be charged upon receiving.
    We will only issue this reward after purchasing our NFTs.

  2. 2. Attend Exclusive Events (In Progress)

    You are allowed to join the lottery to Ryuganji Temple's Exclusive “Drone Buddha” event,
    which recreates “The World of Raigo” story using a floating Buddha with a drone.
    *Lottery Schedule and application method will be announced on the Goshuin Japan website and Social Media.

  3. 3. Receive Heritage Visitation Certificate POAP (In Progress)

    When you visit Ryuganji Temple, you will receive a Heritage Visitation Certificate in the form of POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol) as proof of your visit.


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  • Where can I purchase Goshuin Japan NFT?

    You can purchase by clicking the Purchase button from the purchase section of this page.
    We only accept payments in Credit Card and Ethereum.

  • Can I resell or transfer Goshuin Japan NFT?

    Yes. To resell or transfer your NFT, you will need to use an NFT Marketplace such as OpenSea.

  • Can I receive a Heritage Visitation Certificate POAP even if I do not have a Goshuin Japan NFT?

    No. You are required to be a Goshuin Japan NFT holder to receive your POAP.

  • Can I resell or transfer my Heritage Visitation Certificate POAP?

    No. You are unable to resell or transfer the Heritage Visitation Certificate POAP.

NFT information

  • Total Supply 1500
  • Blockchain Ethereum
  • NFT Standard ERC-721A
  • Asset Hosting IPFS
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